Commission a Sculpture

Most of Thomas Long’s sculptures are custom designed for specific spaces.  These sculptures are usually designed on-site, with the client, and result in the creation of a rendering.  Once the design has been rendered Thomas makes all of the components for the sculpture by hand in his “hot shop” and arranges them into the final composition.  He then welds a framework to mount the sculpture, which will be invisible behind the piece after the installation.  Once the composition and framework have been finished, the sculpture is delivered and installed in the environment.

Ideally, Thomas would like to visit your location to view the installation space, so he can sketch a design for your sculpture on site.  If this is not possible, he will need images of your space from multiple viewpoints, or renderings of the space with a floor plan if they are available.  For color information, you can provide swatches, images of the colors in the area, or you can reference existing work to select a palette to begin the design process.  Thomas will also make suggestions on color once he has sufficient information about the space and your preferences.  To begin the process, please call the studio at 904-826-0004 to arrange a consultation with Thomas.

For pricing information, you can either call the studio or use the Contact Form on this website to provide Thomas with some sizing information.  If we can determine the rough size of the sculpture, then we can give you a fairly precise estimate of the cost.