About The Studio


Thomas Long’s studio is a 4000 plus square foot facility in the West King District of St. Augustine, FL.  The studio houses Thomas’ Hot Shop, where he blows glass, as well as a metal fabrication area, gallery, and additional studio space for composition of the sculptures.  Paul Braun, a local stone sculptor, also works out of the studio and carves his stone in the outside area around the studio.

In the studio we have two large electric furnaces that maintain the temperature of the glass between 2100-2400 degrees, and several annealing ovens used for cooling finished pieces.  To see videos of Thomas at work, visit our videos page.

Green info: We strive to limit any waste in our studio. Waste glass is reduced through our streamlined process in our hotshop and any leftover glass is recycled and used by other glass artists to make various things. We are also sourcing our raw glass from the US instead of overseas, reducing our carbon footprint.








Visiting The Studio